BPIP 5th Annual Conference March 27 Master Classes March 28
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The BPIP 5th Annual Best Practices in IP Management is the most complete and comprehensive conference providing practical tips on how to manage your IP portfolio.

This year BPIP will present the 2017 BIG DEBATE: Google, Microsoft, Intel, Philips debate the pros and cons of: Patents vs. Other IP Strategies; Trolls vs. Practicing Entities; Patents: Homemade or Buy? To Patent or Not to Patent; Open Development vs. Proprietary; Whether to patent or whether to Trade Secret; Generic vs. Ethical.

12 Sessions in 3 afternoon tracks on IP Global Strategies; IP Prosecution, Analysis by Country; IP Enforcement

Learn from Google its IP Considerations in Developing and Launching a New Product

Hear how to structure your IP portfolio to best attract potential buyers and promote an exit strategy for your company AND much much more…..

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